About EuropeanGrain

EuropeanGrain.com is the first online corn exchange to be brought to the market. The website’s mission is to connect buyers and sellers of agricultural commodities within Europe with a partner of their choice. In keeping with the traditional corn exchange method, EuropeanGrain.com is only the host between buyer and seller and at no time does EuropeanGrain.com have title to any goods listed on the website.  All transactions are directly between the buyer and seller and of a partner of your choosing.

The service that we provide allows the farmers / producers to market a variety of produce at a time that suits their business whilst choosing the company they wish to trade with. This in turn allows the buyers / Pro-User to find the commodities they are looking for in the month they need them and in a location best suited to their business.

EuropeanGrain.com has a quote request function which allows farmers or commercial users to select a product such as Seeds, Fertiliser or Straights and submit a quote request to any of the suppliers. When the suppliers respond to a quote request, the information goes straight to that person requesting the quote by email or SMS, so no details or prices are published on line. When the user requesting the quote checks their quote received box they will be able to see the company name, contact e-mail, telephone number and price quoted.

The website has a unique geo-navigation function based on postcode which helps the buyers find commodities in the location they require them.  Equally, when a quote is requested for Seeds, Fertiliser or Straights the supplier will know where the customer is based on their postcode.  The postcodes can be changed if there are a number of uplift locations or delivery destinations.

If you decide to contact any supplier as a result of their quotation you will be trading directly with them and under their terms and conditions or contractual obligations as you do currently.  Normal business diligence applies when it comes to Quality Assurance or Accreditations provided by the buyers or sellers. EuropeanGrain.com takes no part in the transaction and has no financial interest in the transaction at any point.

Launched in July 2010, the web site is now being used by 700 companies in 136 countries worldwide. It is our intention to bring new technology to one of the world’s oldest markets whilst allowing the industry to perform in the style it knows best.